Josh Bornstein is an employment and industrial relations lawyer who heads the National Employment & Industrial Law practice at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.

He is a director of the Australia Institute, a member of the Advisory Board of the Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law, University of Melbourne and the Centre for Future Work. He is also a member of the Victorian Racing Tribunal and Deputy Chair of the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board.

In April 2020, he was appointed a member of the Industrial Relations Advisory Committee of the federal government’s National Covid-19 Coordination Commission.

Josh was the inaugural President of, an advocacy organisation for victims of child sexual abuse within the Jewish community in Australia.

Recent Writing

As much as everything changes, everything stays the same

Another major election and another round of carnage for professional pollsters. Journalist Mona Chalabi spoke for many of us when she wrote: “I do not know how many times polls have to be wrong or how wrong they have to be for us to finally walk away from the dangerous seduction of predicting political outcomes”.…

Private becomes public for politicians in a changed world

Prior to the Four Corners expose, ‘Inside the Canberra Bubble’, going to air, ABC chair Ita Buttrose made a difficult judgment call. The Morrison government had applied “extreme and unrelenting” pressure on the national broadcaster to pull the program. In recent years, the ABC has repeatedly caved in to governmental pressure. On this occasion it…

Enlightened paternity leave scheme one pathway to gender equality

The findings of sexual harassment against former judge Dyson Heydon by an independent investigation commissioned by the High Court have provoked a wave of new inquiries and proposals for reform. One of the first out of the blocks was Attorney-General Christian Porter ordering a further investigation into allegations that Heydon engaged in further sexual harassment…