Josh Bornstein is an employment lawyer who heads the National Employment & Industrial Law practice at Maurice Blackburn Lawyers.

He is a director of the Australia Institute, a member of the the Advisory Board of the Centre for Employment and Labour Relations Law, University of Melbourne and the Centre for Future Work and he is deputy Chair of the Racing Appeals and Disciplinary Board.

Josh was the inaugural President of Tzedek.org.au, an advocacy organisation for victims of child sexual abuse within the Jewish community in Australia.

He has been ranked as Victoria’s top employment lawyer for employees by Doyle’s Guide to the Australian Legal Profession between 2013-16 – a ranking based on peer review within the legal profession.

In December 2017, he successfully obtained a $100 million dollar settlement for 10,000 employees with an intellectual disability in a class action against the federal government seeking compensation for years of underpayment of wages.

He writes about politics, economics, law, mental health, the world of work, bullying and climate change in publications including The Australian Financial Review, the Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, The Age, The Drum and Business Review Weekly. He appears as a panelist on ABC current affairs program, The Drum.

He is a regular speaker and presenter to industry groups, academics, the philanthropic sector, union audiences, lawyers and students.

 “When the forces of darkness are on your back, you want Josh at your side” –  Julian Burnside

“Saint Josh of the Wharfs” (sic.) – Andrew Bolt

“In the world of lawyers, Josh is a maverick. In the world of mavericks, Josh is a lawyer.” – Catherine Deveny

 “A cheeky bastard.” – Lawyer Steven Amendola, the preferred lawyer of Peter Reith and Eric Abetz

 “Another prissy, censorial Leftist who can’t handle dissent from his privileged, rent-seeking view of the world.” – Mark Latham